Accessories and Tools

Hold Downs

We have hold downs (PCB & component) designed specifically for use in our wave solder and SMT process operations.

Edge Gloves
  • Specific to your needs
  • Provides PCB rigidity as well as component positioning
Matrix Trays
  • Built to your exact specifications
  • A cost-effective alternative to ‘The Tube’ when larger components are being processed in limited quantities.
Transistor Lead Crimping Tool
  • A quick and easy adjustment to lead angle on transistors. Can easily accommodate multiples, making a previously tedious task simple.
Work Stations

Work stations are adjustable to accommodate PCBs of varying size. This allows for easier assembly and hand soldering of boards whether the PCBs are single or in an array. Center Slide Bars are available and can be purchased separately.

The Table Top Workstation will also hold a Small Adjustable Pallet, making the board assembly and wave solder transition process smoother.

Bed-of-Nails Test Pallets

DMI has built G10 customer-specific electrical test pallets for bed-of-nails testing. DMI can machine the pallet, insert the pogo pins, and outsource the electrical testing through a competent third party. Quotes on how DMI will meet your testing requirements are avaliable free of charge.

High-speed (GHz) Fixtures

DMI is a leader in high-speed fixtures for multi-GHz testing at competitive pricing.

Press Fit

DMI utilizes the press-fit pin method in its solderless assembly process. The solderless assembly of the modules, on both sides of the PCB, leads to higher reliability and design flexibility while drastically reducing production costs.

Router Fixtures

The necessary post-assembly process of removing the PCB from the panel is a vulnerable stage for any product. Invested costs of design, materials, components, solder, and time are all potentially at risk should the board get damaged or stressed.

To prevent any damage to the PCB and its components during this router process, DMI uses precise- fitting aluminum clamshell router fixtures. These fixtures ensure a secure and uniform hold on the PCB, completely protecting its components and keeping the board firm and planar while our precise routing works to remove unwanted material from any pre-designated locations on the board. The finished product is cleanly cut to specification and left completely undamaged.