About Us

Our Specialty Is Custom Machining

Since DMI International began in 1988, our standards of customer service, product quality and affordability has positioned our company as the highest-volume manufacturer of solder pallets in the USA.

DMI is a small machine shop with big capabilities. We are dedicated to delivering quality products within a week standard turn time while at the same time providing high-level customer service at a low price. Our talented team’s machining abilities enable DMI to produce reliable, quality products guaranteed in form, fit and function.

We are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality of cost-effective support tooling and assembly aids that the industry has to offer, we build to your design specifications.

Please visit our product page to learn more about DMI’s multiple fixture and custom machining options available to you.

Our History

DMI started from Douglas Machining Inc., which pioneered the pallet design and manufacturing for Tektronix back in 1985. Two brothers, Bill and Glenn Hawkins, purchased the business in 1988 and began expanding the product lines, improving machine capabilities, and focusing on customer service. This formula for success has helped the company grow to ten times its original size.

In 2006 Raj Savara, an OSU graduate who holds a BSEE in electrical engineering, purchased DMI International from Bill and Glenn.

While continuing to focus on quality products and customer service, Raj also works diligently to maintain the company’s position as a world-class leader in tooling, machining, and stencil manufacturing.

In 2013 DMI purchased the stencil-manufacturing operations facility in Oregon, Beam-on, and in early 2014 a new building was added to our existing facility in North Plains for the purpose of laser stencil manufacturing.

Free Quotes
  • Volume Pricing
  • 3-D Pallet Drawings Available
  • Solidworks for Metal Jobs
  • Milling for design, prototypes and small product runs
  • HC300™ Composite Available in Sheets
  • Multiple Types of Importable File Formats
  • One-week Turn Time for Metal Machining
  • One-week Turn Time for Plastic Machining
  • All Pallets are a standard 3-day Turn
  • DMI is ITAR Registered

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A vast array of options are available in size and materials, including stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum and titanium.