DMI is now a distributor of the HC300 pallet material. HC300 allows for excellent machining using fewer tools than other composite products. The HC300 is softer than other materials and is less abrasive against milling tools. The HC300 offers excellent flatness control (+/- 0.003 inches) and comes in six variations of thickness. The sheet sizes are large (48×96 inches), which minimizes scrap. The other quality HC300 possesses is chemical resistance to both Halide and non-Halide fluxes. HC300 material shows minimal breakdown in side-by-side testing with other composite products.

HC300 is Cost-effective

Because the cost of HC300 is less per square foot compared to other materials, DMI can now pass this savings on to its customers by offering HC300 pallets for substantially less.

HC300’s Proven Ability

HC300 has been in use at high-volume assembly houses since March 2007 and there has not been any breakdown, warpage, or any other material issues associated with it. The success of the implementation of this material is a testament to its performance and reliability.

HC300 Guarantee

HC300 is guaranteed under the manufacturer not to breakdown or warp with nominal use. The guarantee is for 90 days of use.

HC300 Recommendations

Machining tolerances of 0.025” walls are recommended with HC300 material. Tests on wall thicknesses have been successfully run down to 0.010”, however, this thickness is not recommended for wave solder use.
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