Reflow Solder Pallets

Reflow Solder Pallets are a specialty at DMI

The demand for DMI’s SMT Assembly Fixtures is growing as they are a solution to solving many of the challenges associated with SMT assembly. Our solid design capabilities for reflow solder pallets are proven to handle even thin PCBs as well as brands with unusual form factors. Some of DMI’s design features include:

  • Optical grade composites to make it much easier for the PCB present sensors to ‘see’ the fixture.
  • DMI offers a unique design using a built-in spring-tension pin to hold the PCB in place for ultra-precise applications or interference fits. These sliding board tension locks secure PCB’s (ranging in thickness from 0.005” to 0.125”).
  • DMIs PCBs are designed to set .005” ‘proud’ above the fixture for optimal screen printing results.
Improve reflow solder pallet yields by ensuring crucial board planarity and solid alignment accuracy during the reflow process

Reflow solder pallets and print through pallets keep the PCB flat providing solid stabilization for the stencil during the reflow process. DMI developed a special pin for the purpose of holding evenly-distributed tension on the PCB. This innovative technique allows the operator to maintain both the crucial planarity of the PCB and the critical alignment of the stencil during the process of printing solder paste, component pick-n-place, and the soldering of components on a reflow solder pallet.

DMI’s implementation of this innovative pin design has eliminated the need for Kapton tape, reducing materials waste and offering a cleaner securing and releasing of the PCB from the pallet. This quick and easy method is far less labor intensive and more economical.

Because no tooling parts extend more than a few thousands of an inch above the surface of the PCB, DMI’s reflow solder pallets and print through pallets work exceptionally well for the stencil to print properly on even thin PCBs with thicknesses under 0.010”.