Manufacturing Support

DMI provides manufacturing support for:

  • PCB assembly
  • System automation
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Material handling and more
Technical Services

DMI’s technical services include:

  • Complete documentation
  • Specifications
  • Project management
  • Process improvement
Procurement and Project Management Services

DMI offers both procurement and project management services for:

  • Box builds
  • Product builds
  • Custom manufacturing equipment installation

DMI has made on-time deliveries of quality military, avionics, and medical products with specific certification requirements for our customers at a competitive price.

Product Manufacturing
  • Boxes, Panels, Parts, and more
  • Wave Solder line set up
  • Automated material handling
  • Robotic design
  • Set up (tools, jigs, etc.)
  • Fixture design
  • SMT solder line set up
  • Press fit
  • PCB assembly line set up
  • Assembly-related set up needs/requirements
  • Electronic test handlers
Examples of Consulting Projects:
Conveyor System with Vision Recognition for Product Handling

Custom-built conveyor designed, manufactured and installed by DMI. This was a DMI solution for a customer’s particular issue with low productivity. The implemented solution was that as parts move down a conveyor belt, a high-resolution camera using a vision recognition system captures the two- dimensional identification marking on each DUT (Device Under Test).

This automation of the sorting process dramatically improved production, as well as provided variable speed capability and congestion management on the conveyor.

Automated Product Handler for Power Converters

A/B High-current testing system (180A). A PLC used with a touch-screen interface. The implementation of this handler decreased test time by 80% by allowing multiple testing and handling operations to occur simultaneously. With 12 sensors per test unit, the handler ensured proper seating of the DUT and made certain that all electrical and optical tests were completed. To prevent operational hazards, two sets of a light curtains designed to shut down the machine when the beam is broken, were a functional safety feature.

Let us help. DMI offers innovative solutions for our customers.

  • Production auto-handlers
  • Testing equipment
  • Inspection equipment and more

Contact DMI, let us help you!