DMI offers accurate machining of metals and plastics using precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control ) vertical mills guaranteed to meet all your product needs, however unique those needs may be. With seven state-of-the-art machines operating in our facility, DMI provides much quicker turn times for our customers than our competitors can provide. DMI’s typical turn time is two weeks for metal products, and one week for plastics.

Metal Machining

DMI specializes in metal machining which include steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.  CNC mills are up for the task of machining both metals and plastics with precision and speed. DMI guarantee’s the job(s) will be completed accurately, in a timely manner, and at a cost-effective price.


DMI boasts tight tolerances in its machining. DMI has the ability to machine to less than 0.001 inches. Our tables are capable of 30 inches on the X-axis and 20 inches on the Y-axis.

No-risk Prototypes

DMI guarantees its machining accuracy and product performance with a no-risk prototype.

Before an invoice is generated, and before production begins on any product, DMI manufactures a first article for customer approval. This DMI operating standard assures the customer of their product’s quality and accuracy by allowing customers the opportunity to accurately measure and visually assess the product prior to production beginning in quantity.

Special Circumstances

Like any competent company that knows its strengths and limitations, DMI recognizes that there are sometimes tasks or requests that our facility is not equipped undertake. In these rare circumstances, DMI has the working relations in the industry to facilitate getting this portion of the job done elsewhere while still honoring product delivery deadlines to our customer.