Solder Pallets

Solder Pallets

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is the leading factor driving higher circuit densities per square inch on solder pallets. Directly attaching components and devices to the surface of solder pallets has enabled products to perform with much higher circuit speeds, allowed greater circuit density, and requires fewer external connections. These advances have greatly lowered costs, improved performance and product reliability. However, these benefits do not come without their challenges. Printing solder paste on diminishing pad sizes, placing smaller components, and reflowing entire solder pallet assemblies with their varieties of termination finishes and materials are just a few of the technical challenges that process engineers face every day.

DMI offers a variety of tooling solutions to improve the reliability and quality of your product. We can help you lower your product cost and increase your yield by the advantages of the surface mount processes.

Full-process carriers support circuit boards through every step in the surface-mount process. The carriers offer support and accurate location placement for assemblies with odd board outlines or that fail to meet standard conveyor widths. These solder pallets can also be used to manage difficult components that require alignment and/or thermal protection through the reflow process. DMI’s solder pallets will save you time and operating costs by reducing rework of boards, at the same time as increase the ease of the manufacturing process.

DMI has extensive experience with SMT on all types of PCBs, including flex circuits, which require a fixture to ensure proper alignment throughout the oven heating process. Engineering the proper fixture on the front end of the process makes not only makes the job easier for the customer, but increases product reliability on the back end of the process.

More options for specialty tooling applications like repair, inspection and rework are available. Please contact us for more information.

Solder Pallets: Great for Large and Small PCBs

Solder Pallets for LARGE PCBs
  • Accommodates PCBs 8.00” x 9.100”
  • Supports a PCB on all sides
  • Available in sizing up to 18”W x 28”L
  • Additional center slides can be added for multiple PCB processing
Solder Pallets for SMALL PCBs
  • Accommodates PCBs 0.100”
  • Adaptable for the smaller PCB where the production process line requires a more versatile, multiple-array tooling/fixture
  • Low-cost alternative to custom tooling

Not only does the solder fixture accommodate PCBs as small as 0.100”, but it will also accommodate PCBs as large as 8.00” x 9.100” simply by removing a couple of the center slide bars.

This particular tooling/fixture will also carry the PCBs through the conformal coat process and, with a slight hardware upgrade, the reflow oven as well.

Solder Screen Print Pick-n-Place Reflow Pallet
  • Adaptable for the Smaller PCBs designed to go through the entire SMT line, and will adapt for non-rectangular PCBs as well
  • Uses edge tension to secure the board in place
  • Fiducial orientation mark located on corner of solder pallet
  • Each solder pallet has rail steps on all four sides
  • Solder pallet centers the PCB and offers recognized placement of one corner for multiple pallets to maintain alignment
  • 360-degree Fixture for Solder Pallets
    • This fixture allows for 360-degree rotation adjustments for optimized angle to receive the solder wave application.
      • This option provides the best results for minimizing bridging and opens.
  • 45-degree Fixture for Solder Pallets
    • This 45-degree fixture allows 80 degrees of rotation adjustment with a lower cost adjustable as compared to the above 360-degree fixture.
      • This option provides the best results for minimizing bridging between pins.