Solder Pallets

Solder Pallets

There is no faster, more reliable, and cost-effective method of soldering through-hole components than the wave process to make solder pallets. A wave solder machine automatically applies the optimum combination of flux, heat and solder to create perfect joints on solder pallets.

Since the molten wave of solder makes contact with the entire surface of the PCB during the wave solder process, tooling is required in order to protect vulnerable components and areas of the PCB that are sensitive to heat or solder. For over 20 years, DMI has specialized in wave fixtures for solder pallets that enable you advantage of the quality results and cost-effective benefits of wave solder on assemblies that require thermal or solder protection.

Backside bevel provides a laminar flow of the molten solder that helps eliminate bridges and voids on solder pallets.

Solder Pallets: Dedicated and Universal Wave

Dedicated wave solder pallets are simply the best tooling solution available that achieve the highest quality product at the lowest cost. Even when faced with oddly-shaped boards in low-volume assemblies, a universal wave fixture can be a useful tool. The universal fixtures adjust to the size of each solder pallet board while providing excellent flexibility. DMI offers custom sizes for all of its universal pallets, ensuring our customers receive the proper size required to meet their production needs. See Adjustable Pallets.

Titanium Inserts

When wall thicknesses are too tight, or heat transfer is an issue, Titanium inserts may be the solution. DMI offers custom inserts for those hard-to-solder projects.

Please see DMI’s adjustable pallets page for options and pricing.



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